Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Posin' in Mah Pantehs

I've got so much to show you today & I'm not just referring to the fact that I'm practically naked in all my pics, either. :P

This weekend 2 big hunts started up - the 2nd Annual Starlust Panty Raid & the very first Pro Posers Hunt. And to top it off, Cupcakes released a brand new Group Gift Fatpack of skins!

Outfit - (Nushru) Rose Surprise Bra & Panties (Panty Raid)
Pose - -RC- Lookit my panties (Panty Raid)
Outfit -Thimbles - Sugar Lick Me Up (Panty Raid)
Headband - ::SPLIT PEA:: Sugar Lick Me Up - Hat V1 (Skipping Stones Hunt)
Pose - [Lyndz-Matic] EEEEKS!!! (Panty Raid)


Outfit - PW Designs Babydoll (Panty Raid)

Pose - [KnockOut]Convict (PPH #40)

So the skin I'm wearing in all of these pics is the Cupcakes - Enchanted - Apricot - Classy Broad. It's lighter than I usually wear, but the complexion is so creamy I just couldn't resist. You can find the entire Fatpack of skin tones in Group Notices. I've said it before, this is one of those groups that is well worth the entrance fee!

Panties - (epoque) Sailor Striped Shorts - Black (Panty Raid)
Pose - *NLimbo* Michael (Store Freebie)


Panties -Pig - The Delta Burke Experience Antique (Panty Raid)

Socks - Sock Shop - Vintage Wallpaper Socks (tealish) (Panty Raid)

Pose - {AT} Hayfever - Pididdle (PPH #20)


Panties/Sock Set - Twosome - ruffly panty & socks blue (Panty Raid)

Pose - *ED* ProPosers hunt gift 2 (PPH #39)

The shoes are one of the ETD D'Orsay Pumps I've been hollering about for weeks now. They're $1L. Own them! The nipple tape comes from the Corset Piercings Set in my store *Ticky Tacky*. Another $1L. You can find them up in the freebie room. The feathers are another item I've shown before - Split Pea's you stroke my locks headband. I freaking love this thing. It goes with everything. Find it out on the freebie bridge on the Bill Sim at Starlust for $1L.

Top - ::HH:: Hucci Candy Undie Top (Panty Raid)
Bottom - ::HH:: Hucci Pink Ivy Panties (Panty Raid)

Pose - ~N~ Freebie Excuse me? (Store Freebie)


Outfit - Bliensen + MaiTai Corset Piranha (Panty Raid)

Pose - ..::DARE::.. Shake da booty! (PPH # 23)


Panties - .::TD::. Tuffet Dress OH MAI..ducks! 1 (Panty Raid)

Hat - Schadenfreude Stylish Ladies' Hat, mint (Panty Raid)

Pose - [LAP] - Peek-a-Boobie (Panty Raid)

All of the poses used in this post were found at either the Panty Raid or the Pro Poser Hunt. A couple of them are in-store freebies from some of the shops along the Poser Hunt route. It always pays to stop & look around while you're hunting. You never know what other awesome freebies these generous shops will have lying around. Everything in the Poser Hunt is totally FREE, and it follows the normal Grid Wide hunt LM chain.

Top Row, Left to Right:
1 - =HooT= Cutie Pea Panties (Orange Stripey)
2 - Doppelganger Inc. ~ Miss Crabby Pants

3 - *Ki2* Purple Dots

4 - BP* denim under pants/blue

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

1 - Pididdle - Lonely Widow Panties

2 - Cyanide - Lace French Cut Panties - White

3 - Agent Orange - Period Panties

4 - (Madsy) perfect day for a picnic undies

The Panty Raid is a sim-wide hunt. You're looking for teeny little gold clams stuffed with goodies. They are either FREE or $1L & they are everywhere! You've got like 8 or 9 sims to search & at least a hundred little clams to find. No one knows the exact total and some clams are stuffed with piles of panties. And it's not even all just panties, either. You'll find everything from thongs to furniture. There are even unisex & men's items, too. So no one is left out!

Top Row, Left to Right:
1 - S b S-Leona underpantie

2 - Agent Orange - Blue comfy undies

3 - Balderdash - Grapes and Teal

4 - (Madsy) marilyn undies

Bottom Row, Left to Right:


2 - BP* ribbon under pants/pink

3 - (Madsy) midnight ranger leopard undies

4 - BP* ribbon under pants/green2

Both the Pro Poser Hunt and the Starlust Panty Raid run until August 30th, so you've got plenty of time to find all of the prizes. The Poser Hunt starts here. The Panty Raid, on the other hand, has no definite starting point. You can port over to any of the Starlust Sims and start hunting. But the Motel is a great place to begin. Good Luck & happy hunting! :D

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