Sunday, August 9, 2009

They want your brains!

House of Munster Has a new attraction in the hotel, Camping chairs for some of the most rawkin' plushies you'll ever find on the grid. We've got minions and bunnies hot hot sitting action

First up we've got a special edition Lapin doll from Violent Seduction. More and more often I'm seeing people upset that they are missing out on these exclusive Lapin dolls, so really, you should grab this before it disappears. I can't say when it will, but better safe than sorry, yeah?

Second up with have yet another of the exclusive Minions from Lolli Munster. The first two were available in fat packs, but this one, all you have to do is sit your happy ass down for half an hour and you don't get just one, but two different style of Minion, one to hold and one to raise hell on your head. Totally intimidating if not totally cute.

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