Monday, August 24, 2009

Its hard out there for a Lolita (pimp)

So by now you've probably heard that Dead Town is shutting down, and closing its doors. It's really unfortunate that things didn't turn out well in the end, but all I can say is that I wish the best of luck for everyone who was involved in the project, and I know in the end things will turn out well for everyone. Dead Town was a collection of some of the best and most creative new talent within the realm of dark design, and even though things didn't work out I'm positive everyone involved will have much success in their future endeavors.

Regardless, Looooooots of new awesome in the Lolita world in the past few days. We've had the release of the first REALLY Lolita ringlet hair, and some gorgeous new dresses from +++Blue Blood+++ were released this morning. So first up we have the new Lagrima dress, its playful and punky, and gorgeous as you can expect from Ghanima. It comes in five different colors, but no pink! Ochre this time around, which is an interesting color choice.

On top of that there is a new group gift in the +++Blue Blood+++ Update group. This is also the new lucky board dress in store, but if you're in the group, you get an exclusive color. The group is 50L to join, but you receive all kinds of group exclusive gifts, offers, and deals. I love the group because the price isn't so extreme that you can feel alright leaving the group and then rejoining later, it's more than your money's worth in the end.

So yeah, the hair. I know you've seen it on me the past few days, flitting around and making you insanely jealous with it. Where is it from! Where can I get it! Well my dears, this is the first hair release from Violent Seduction, and a spectacular release at that. It comes in a whole pile of different colors. Hair packs start at 500L each, and the fat pack is 1200L. The fatpack also comes with a NEW plushie. This isn't the Lapin kids, I'd like to introduce you to Jinx.

Creepy huh? He reminds me of the crazy ghost lady in The Eye (original Chinese version) when the girl is in the noodle house and the ghost lady floats up with her baby and then sticks out this crazy disgusting long tongue and licks her ectoplasm all over the hanging meats. That was appetizing. Jinx will do the same to you, all over your face. He just wants love.

Also, make sure to follow the links here for Violent Seduction, she's moved.

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