Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New gift from JetDoll in the Love/Hate HQ!!

Omgomgomg. Miss Kitty Pidgeon, Creator.. Owner.. Diva of JetDoll has left us an amazing and generous gift in the prize room at the Headquarters! Go conquer the maze to pick up this Love/Hate Exclusive version of her newly released0 Harlequin Suit!! Its Gray and black with a heart motif and made specially for us. Squee <3>

(left) Harlequin Suit - love/hate - 1L at the Love/Hate Headquarters in the prize room.
New Betty Boop Hair, Pompous Heels Black

(right) Harlequin Suit -Red/Black - 250L *JetDoll*,
Betty Page Hair

There is lots of new stuff added to the Lucky Chair at JetDoll along with retired items which by the looks of it will be gone for good if she take them out of the chair. I put together several looks to show you some from the chair mixed in. I've been collecting JetDoll since I first started SL, and now I am a model there. I'm having lots of fun so I hope I see you there!

JetDoll Looks from Left to Right

1. Marilyn's Itch Dress - Lucky Chair Prize - 275L value, Marilyn Hair - 199L

2. Greaser Hair Lucky Chair Prize retired, Pink Ladies Jacket - 100L, Land ho capri's 150L, Pumpous Heels Black - 200, Bepop Glasses - 75L

3. Sailor Gal - Lucky Chair Prize 250L value,
Vintage Vixen hair black - Lucky chair prize 99L value

4. Black Licorice Corselette - 175L, Betty Page hair - 200L, Bone Ballet Flats - 150L

5: Minerva Hair Black - 200L, Jetkini Bikini Top Black - 125L, Mickey Shorts - 75L,
Sculpted Saddle shoes 200L
6. Coquette Girdle and Bra - 200L , Bettie Boop hair - 200L
7. White cherry dress - Lucky chair prize, Vintage Vixen hair - Lucky chair prize,
Cherry Headband - Lucky chair prize, Platform saddle shoes - Lucky chair prize
All the Jewelery Pictured is from my shop Ripe!
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