Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweet Chai Candy

Got some yummies for you tonight. First up.. Sweeter Than Candy sent out a new subscribo gift called "Rocker Babe". Four skirt color options, two fishnet choices, and tank in every layer. (Channeling Martha) Its a good thing.

Wrenja told me about a little hunt going on at ChaiSuki Skins and I ran right over. They are celebrating the reopening of the store and generously set out five pretty decent size hearts around the building inside and out. (Mostly out!) I did find five Hearts but #3 didn't have a skin it had a full perm heart same that your hunting for.

Left to Right:
ChaiSuki Heart Hunt
1- Grace-Bitter Orange Freckled
2- Alisha Carragreen light
3- Nova Bitchy-Pink Tan (full set special)
4-Specials Snow Ivory (has snowflakes on it)
Check out the hair!! 1, 2, and 3 are from AY.Line you can get 1 and 3 from the lucky boards there are two with short timers I got lucky quick maybe you can too! While your there join the group and you will get a pack of hair I'm modeling in pic 2.
The hair on #4 was sent out tonight by Dark Mouse subscribo your august group gift this cute bob with clickable colorchange headband in six shades.
How gorgeous are these eyes? I know you noticed them.. the fabulous Airedine Poe from Adore & Abhor saw me at a lucky chair lookin a mess with my eyes all browned out you ever suffer from that glitch?? Anyways you know someone is a good friend when they tell you! I mean you don't wanna be standing there with your necklace attachment miraculously shifting to your ass somehow and your "friend" standing there doesn't say a word. She takes such good care of us she even sent me this pack of eyes she made called "Mesmer Eyes" they my new favs. Only 150L for 8 colors No Wai!

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