Saturday, August 8, 2009

Skipping Stone Hunt Preview!

If you Follow the Love/Hate Plurk, you might have noticed the message earlier that I got some previews of the upcoming Skipping Stones hunt. Here are the details :o

This morning The lovely Nuala Shippe of Kunstkammer and I went on an adventure. See, she's the brains behind the upcoming Skipping Stones hunt and was lovely enough to grace me with a pile of previews for the hunt starting on Monday! I dunno if you've seen the list of participants, but its a veritable list of rockstar creators, who have gone above and beyond the call of duty with some of the best hunt gifts I've laid eyes on.

Split Pea - Sugar Lick me up feathers
Clawtooth by Clawtooth - You say tomato hair (Black Beauty)
Sisters - Shroud Dress
The Sea hole - Stazy Crooked Steampunkish House

There are exactly 61 stops on the way, and every shop is better than the last. The balance of gifts is good too! there is a lot of clothing, accessories, a couple of skyboxes and houses, toys, you name it. You're sure to be delighted by something, if not EVERYTHING in this hunt.

The Sea hole - Ctazy Crooked Steampunkish House

If you're too lazy to click the link to see the list of creators above, let me name a couple off for you. D-Lab, Pink Fuel, Acid & Mala, Chanimations, Fishy Strawberry, I heart 13, and like so many others its kind of ridiculous. I dunno how she pulled it off quite honestly, Nuala must have secret magical powers, and I must has them :x

Reek - Lyrics skybox
D-Lab - straw hat mole
Imagen - Irene 'Este' Sunscreen
Young Urban - Dark Blue Beau Hoodie
Artilleri - Renee Bikini (comes in a pile of colors)

So, Skipping Stones Hunt starts on Monday morning, a little over twenty four hours from now. I hope I've got you salivating, because really, you have no excuse to not salivate. I have even more gifts to come, as spectacular as the rest, and totally worth the time it takes to do the hunt. See you on Monday!

Split Pea - City of Dreams feathers
Imagen - Irene 'Este' Sunscreen
Young Urban - Dark Blue Beau Hoodie

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Actually, I had some invaluable help from OMGWTF Barbeque.