Saturday, August 15, 2009

dangerously cute

So much new stuff lately, its a bit overwhelming. I've got goodies from Violent Seduction, Seldom Blue and +++Blue Blood+++ today. Iki keeps picking on me for being tall, so I'm as short as she is for today, I'm not sure how much I like it, I kind of fee like an imp or something, but we'll see...

Let's start with the new Violent Seduction group gift. It is a lovely hat, a dangerously cute hat made from a slain Jabberwock. Last night Iki and I went a' hunting to snicker snack some lovely new hats for members of Violent Seduction's in world group. Grab it while you can!

So you probably heard about the Violent Seduction Maid's dress in the Hotel Munster camping chairs. Lolli was trying to fix the scripts in the chair and asked me to hold off on blogging it, and since she's my friend I did. But, the green version of Iki's new Neurosis line is available for free if you're capable of planting your behind in a chair for an hour (be happy, cause I reccomended it be a 90 minute camp ;x ). Big Notice for you Lapin fans, there is an exclusive Berserker White Queen Lapin doll stuffed in the Neurosis fat pack, isn't she cute?

Continuing on the Violent Seduction theme, Iki put a gorgeous new skin in her lucky chair. It's called 'Broken Hearted', something we can all relate to at one time or another. I like how it isn't yet ANOTHER bleedy mascara skin, you know, the ones that seem to be clogging the skin world recently(can we move on please? Keep in mind, this is coming from an actual goth kid). Regardless, Iki's skins are gorgeous, and you should probably go stalk that chair, because you'll be pleased with the result.

Seldom Blue has a big poster behind the lucky chairs right now with a big FREE pink dress inside. I dunno how long its been around, but its new to me :P Don't forget, tomorrow is the fashion show, can't wait!

Wrapping today up we have Ghanima's newest release from +++Blue Blood+++, 'Helena'. She was so excited about this release that she released it early because she was so proud of it. As well she should, the set is lovely, from the corsety buckle details to the sleeves, to the collar, I can't get over how well made the dresses are, I always end up thrilled and awed by Ghanima's work.

Oh, we also love the *Kookie* Ink Black Yuki Heels. Other stores say they have the easiest tinting system, but I challenge you to make it easier than Kookie's. I spent less than 30 seconds tinting my foot to my skin, and was able to go on my way. These heels are 500L, come with a sock option, and are worth every penny. Can't afford 500L? Right now there is a special tan promo pair for 50L, and it will be disappearing tomorrow, so grab them before they're gone!

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