Friday, August 7, 2009


I have a couple of hunt preview gifts today, from Violent Seduction, and that means... YUP, they'll be free! These aren't going to be out for a couple of weeks now, but might as well get you salivating for both the Twisted Hunt and the Macabre Hunt, both of which our lovely Ikaru is taking part in. Twisted starts on the 1st, and Macabre starts on the 16th of September, and you'll be seeing more Twisted Hunt previews on the blog as we get closer to that date as Love/Hate will once again be officially covering the hunt.
First up we have the 'Lolli' Dress which will be available in the twisted hunt. Its a smart number, and comes with two different skirt styles, with and without bustle. I love the 20's gangster feel it has, or is it powerful business woman lolita? Either way, the dress is way too cute for words.

Next up we have her dress for the Macabre Hunt. This hunt's theme is centering around fairy tales and doing a 'spooky' take off on them. I convinced Iki she needed to do the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and she produced this after a long talk. There is also going to be set of troll accessories for the guys, as well as a billy goat beard and horn set as well

And yesss, the boots are part of the gift! I'd recommend grabbing the Shy Sheep avatar gift from the CSR run this season, as it goes perfectly with the Gruff dress, now, time to cross that bridge.

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