Monday, August 10, 2009

Bad.. Bad.. Bunneh.

Ours was a love affair like no other.... so I thought. He had this animal magnetism, it was like a spell over me! He said we would be together forever.

I cooked him his favorite meals, and loved to serve him.
I treated this Bunny like a king.

Then one day he became distant.. and that's when I found the text messages!
"I cant wait to see you again, lets meet at our spot in the park.. Love, Jenny"

I got up early and went to OUR park.. Where he first said.. "I love you".
I watched and I waited.
I waited, and watched.
Till I spotted them!

..............................................Bad Bad Bunneh.
I lost it and I chased that Skank!
I threw garbage on her like the trash that she is!

He grabbed me and it was ON like DoNKeYKoNG!

Can you say domestic dispute?

I don't remember much else.
All I know is I got that bunneh back...
Atleast thats what they told me at the trial.

OK all this crazy stuff you see in the pics I got Free or Close to it at this place called Naho's Funny Shop! The Bunnies you wear and they have hysterical animations, they are free, the rice wok, and the serving tray both have animations the tray you actually fall on the floor and spill the food everywhere, the binoculars have an animation you left mouse click to use it. All of the instructions are in Japanese tho so it was slightly difficult to figure out the toggle commands but I went to google translate and copy pasted the instructions there it helped. The Trash bag was lots of fun you can trow it your target trash goes flying and can trip them AND they get attacked by a swarm of flies for a minute or two! There is tons more I didn't even get to picture so many fun and crazy things you can pick up for next to nothing! Make sure to leave a tip! I did!

I'm not going to go into too much detail here about each item you will have to go check it out yourself! Trust ME Go Check this place out its worth it!

Naho's Funny Shop


Hempy Weezles said...

I would like to thank Narita for playing the part of Jenny..

Only a few bunnies were hurt in the making of this post.

Narita said...

LOL! omg girl! this is a scream! XD

Elliandra Parx said...

Soooo cute.

Kate McLaglen said...

Gee I wonder who started the Bunneh drag fad. ;p

Kate McLaglen

Stabetha Paine said...

OMG! i totally bought this like 2 hours ago and just saw this blog entry! i lurv the bunneh. i lurv the bunneh carrying me in a cage as well!

great write up hempy xD