Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Harlequin Assasin

A few days ago the lovely Ghanima at +++Blue Blood+++ released a new set, 'Bandit'. With dangerous flare, and an Asian aesthetic, you can't go wrong. Perfect for any secret mission, or just if you want to look bad ass. The details and accessories in this set are awesome

The fantastically creepy Elsa at Rotten Toe also put out a new group gift today, these horns are ridiculous. When I got the notice, I have to admit, I kind of rolled my eyes. How many horns do we all have anyway? But when I looked at the picture, I was floored, these are probably some of the most unique and fun horns I've seen in a really long while. Harlequin and awesome, I love them. Wear your group tag and head to the store to claim your horns.

The +++Blue Blood+++ set comes in both a boy's and girl's version and in all of the colors you've come to expect from Ghanima. I've found that HoM hair in 'Misfit' has a fair number of colors that correlate with Ghanima's clothing, if you so choose. Also, there is another group gift out at Rotten Toe if you so choose, 'eyes of the dead' or something like that. They're eyes with little skulls in them. Not my deal, but you might like them.

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