Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Favorite Toy

I turned off my typing animation about a year or so ago, but with my ridiculously amazing new toy from the great and wonderful Curio Obscura, I might keep it on forever.

Curio Obscura - Whiteboard Typing Override - $150L

The brilliant creator behind the brand, Pandora Wrigglesworth, shared her new invention at this week's Show & Tell in Lummerland and I could not stop spazzing over it. It's this simple little marker and whiteboard that you scribble on as you type. And when you hit enter, it plays an animation of you showing off an unbelievably cute drawing. There are 15 of them pre-loaded and they display randomly. But the board is totally modable, so you can make and use your own. It's quite possibly the most awesome thing I've ever owned. Love it! XD