Thursday, August 20, 2009


Its the final week to claim the dresses from INDI, which means alllll of the pieces are out and available to buy. If you aren't familiar with INDI's process, they have a special gift set they give out piece by piece every week for 1L. When the outfit is complete, all of the previous pieces are put back out for purchase at 5L each(along with the current 1L gift). They do both a boy's outfit and a girl's set, and with the quality INDI continually puts out, you can't help but grab these.

There are six pieces to this set of dresses, so if you're to buy all of them, that will be 26L, or as little as 10-15, if you only want one set of the dresses. Each dress set has one top, and two separate skirts available. These will be out until Saturday, when a new set will be released, and the first piece will be up for sale for 1L

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