Friday, August 7, 2009

Paper.Doll temp. closing sale.. :~(

Ok so you might have heard Paper.Doll is closing its doors temporarily, the owner will be away from SL for a couple months. Very sad news from Zoey Gabardini I know. We wish you hurry and get back to SL soon. Now.. I suggest you go hurry to Paper.Doll and shop away the pain while taking advantage of these amazing deals!

All the clothes pictured in this post were bought for no more then 10L some were 5L as you can see I love teal but there is a big selection of colors to choose from.

Every skin pictured in this post is from: HaydenTan Makeup Bundle 150L
(10 makeup options 2 brow choices of each 20 skins total zomg.)
Hairs: Mia-Fat Pack 50L
Go to Paper.Doll and spend lots of money show Zoey how much she will be missed and how we'll be waiting for her swift return. You have untill Monday, August 10th!!

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