Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twisted Hunt Preview The First

It's that time of year again, Twisted is rolling around for its second go, this time there are 155 different stores with gifts running the gamut in being strange, creepy, and of course twisted. It seems that designers are pulling out all of the stops to impress and delight, and I guess we could say this will be one of the first forays into the Halloween season for the year. Of course, I am totally excited about this.
Dare Designs 'Twisted' set in Violet
Color Me Chaos Victorian couch

Once again you'll be looking for a Lament Configuration, this time though it will be purple. Rules have been changed a bit to help you in your quest to find the gifts, so things will be easier to find as well. From what I've seen so far there is a great variety of clothing, accessories, home items, and a couple of pretty crazy pose sets.
Silver Wheel 'No Evil' set
Otaku Designs texture change Ankh necklace

Of course things will border on down right creepy, you can count on that. It wouldn't be the Twisted Hunt if they didn't, you'll find the macabre, strange and just plain weird among your gifts, from wicked witch playsets, to coffins and beautiful furniture with lots of fun poses inside.
Nocturne Coffin Company 'Immortal Beloved' Coffin
Brocade Tiger Twisted clothing set

The hunt starts on September 1st, and will run through the 30th, giving you plenty of time to get all of the goodies, but that won't be all, in some shops you'll be finding Twisted Easels which will tell you about all kind of other twisted events going on in the stores while the hunt is on, I'll be giving you a little more info on that later, till then, drool.
Claw'd Witch's Kitchen
Frakenlust Holiday Shoppe Halloween Chandelier
Morbid's Cranium dress set
Darkest Hour Designs Bottle of Ulaver

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