Sunday, August 2, 2009

For all of your Hunting Needs

A lot of hunts just ended and a whole pile just started yesterday, with even more starting next weekend. Its still nothing compared to last Christmas, and I shudder to think what it will look like this Christmas. Still months away, but still *shudder*. Anyway Slice of Summer has a little more than a week left, so make sure to get that sucker done. The silk road hunt literally takes like 5-10 minutes, so don't be intimidated by that one either. Other than that, have fun! Next week, there will be even more, but a few more leaving, so stay busy!

Coyura Creations (for a snail) - Ending unknown
Dare Designs
Fall Fun Hunt - Through the 31st
Fusion Crossing - Through 8th
Golden Sarcophagus quest - Through August 5th
Grendel's Children Drakelet Hunt - costs 30L, on indefinitely
Hybrid Hunt - Through Sept 1st
Magia july Hunt - There is a new one of these every month.
Poppy Hunt - Through the 31st
Rayskin Hunt - ongoing
Satisfashion hunt - Through the 31st (50L entrance fee)
Sci-fi and Fantasie hunt - Through Sept 1st
Siren's Song Black Pearl Hunt - Through the 31st
Slice of Summer Hunt - Through August 9th
Silk Road Pirate treasure hunt - Through August 6th (Japanese time, so some time on the 5th)
Tiny Sim - Ongoing
XTC Designs - Through august 7th

have fun!

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