Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Exodi Fishing Skins

There's new skins in the Exodi fishing hole along with all the original fishing prizes. I'm not entirely sure how fishing for them works, I won these skins with a pro rod but without bait 'cause I haven't found another job yet since Sn@tch discontinued their live model program last month. It's on my to do list before the next skin fair gets here. x:

The new skins are from the Lily line. This is the darkest tone.

This is the palest tone. :3 The make-up is natural except for a black motif on the right eye. I don't think it took me too long to win these skins but it's very much luck of the draw, I think.
The original prizes are a bikini, tattoos, earrings, a necklace and another set of Lily skins in case you haven't seen them. I'm sure they were blogged in several places including L/H. :3

Skins - Exodi - Fishing Prize


Unknown said...

Those are fucking adorable times five!

Clover said...

Ryker Beck said there is a 10% chance to catch a custom prize when you catch 7seas prize, but they are completely random. Everyone says you need bait to fish, but I have been fishing since my first bait bucket ran out and have gotten custom prizes and several different locations. It just takes a little longer sometimes.