Friday, August 21, 2009

Nushru I Lurves yew.

I am in love with this dress! And it can be yours free by hunting out six moons by the Nushru location at Lemania Sim!! I'm blown away by lovely designer Quiver Quintessa and her flair for textures and the movement of her skirts are to die for! Just hunt out the six moons to get the entire set including hair flower and long gown skirt version!

(Nushru) - August Moon Hunt Prize - Cloe in Turquoise

Find all 6 moons to make this completed look!
The Jewelery I'm wearing I think compliments the outfit perfectly and it is made my moi! Some of you might know I'm opening a shop soon called RIPE. This set and 5 other color options are available now at my location at Miss Muffet's little mall there is also a rust metal option! You can also pick up a Dollarbie RIPE Strawberry scooter!! Please hit up the Subscribo to keep track of upcoming events such as my grand opening where there will be a whole lot of great surprises!!!
((RIPE)) - Oval Jewelery Set - Turquoise - 100L

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