Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the random long absence. Just a creative block, trying to find new things, people distractions, hunt distractions, inventory panic, etc., etc.. I have excuses for everything. :3
I'm starting to put pics on Photobucket because Flickr starts hiding stuff after 200 unless you pay, which is fine but I didn't realise and I'd kind of like to keep certain things. x: Photobucket's limited space too but let's see if we can get more than 200? x.x Kind of want to move all my old pictures there but then I think you mess up feeds editing old posts. If anyone can confirm that for me, that would be pretty good. x:
I have forgotten all the stuff I had to say, which may be kind of fortunate for the shorter attention spans so here's a pretty dollarbie. x:

This dress is the latest dollarbie at Sysy's. The bolero is a seperate so you can take it off or add it to other outfits. :3

Dress - Sysy's - 1L

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Unknown said...

"inventory panic". Is there therapy for that??

Lanie Recreant